Our makers are what make us. Come meet these incredible artisans.

Creating authentic, sustainable, quality products is our top priority. We made this goal a reality by forming long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with family-owned French businesses like these. We wouldn't be where we are today without them, and we will always prioritize tradition over trend.

Montaud Lavender

The Montaud family has been growing lavender in Provence since before the French Revolution. Now they fill our sachets with organic, mountain-grown French lavender.

Valérie Casado

Black clay inlaid with lace, straight from the heart of Provence.

Fer à Cheval

Genuine Marseille soap from the oldest savonnerie in France.

Thieffry Frères

Genuine Belgian flax linen, made in France since 1837.

Andrée Jardin

Since the 1940s Andreé Jardin has been creating sustainable, functional brooms and bushes for the body and home.


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