Montaud Lavender

Hailing from south central France, Montaud Lavender is a family establishment dating back before the French revolution. In 1998, Sébastien Montaud, a son of the family, came to the US as an intern for our parent company, Kiss That Frog. Under our founder, Guy, he studied the American market and business practices. Until that time, the Montaud family had only been lavender growers, they did not yet produce any lavender products. It was Guy who suggested there was a great market for lavender products.

Sébastien remembers, "Guy was the guy who had a big influence on me. He encouraged me to get into the lavender business. I will never forget it."

The family went on to build a factory and warehouse where they now produce lavender sachets, essential oils, and more.

And Sébastien is happy. He says, "[Guy] was right. It was really good advice. Because I love what I do. This is most important thing. This is passion work."

It's no surprise that when we decided we wanted to create an upscale lavender sachet, Sébastien is the first person we called. It's been an honor to work with such a fantastic family who grows such amazing, organic lavender.


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