Make like the French and keep your skincare simple

Natural skincare straight from France


We all know washing our faces and putting on sunscreen is essential, but barring that, what’s the secret to supple and timeless skin? The French would say non-fussy and clean skincare.


Soft face cleansing brushes


Step 1: Exfoliate the face

We start with our goat hair face brush from Andrée Jardin. It’s ultra-soft while still exfoliating the skin. Plus, you can skip the microplastics hidden in most cream exfoliants which wash down the drain and into our waterways.


Pictured: Andrée Jardin Soft Face Brush in Beech Wood


 French Dry Goods brand bar soap on sink


Step 2: Lather up with French Dry Goods bar soap


Next, we love to splash cold water on our faces and lather up with a simple, non-toxic bar soap like this one from French Dry Goods. Orange blossom is the best scent in the morning!


Pictured: French Dry Goods 130 G Bar Soap—Orange Blossom


Body scrub brushes in bathroom next to liquid soap and eucalyptus

Step 3: Dry brush your entire body

Skincare isn’t just about your face! Use a big body brush like this one to remove dead skin from your whole body.


Pictured: Andrée Jardin Big Body Massage Brush Waxed Beech Wood


French Dry Goods brand lavender sachet pillows, three in a stack tied with cotton ribbon.

Step 4: Meditate with a lavender eye pillow


We love to finish with a quick meditation in the sun. Our medium lavender sachet makes the perfect eye pillow.


Pictured: French Lavender Sachet—Blue Striped Linen


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