Bake Your Way Into Spring with Vintage French Kitchen Favorites from Poterie Renault

Large Vintage Poterie Renault Dish



Spring Baking Just got an Upgrade


Refresh your baking dishes with vintage French kitchen pieces from Poterie Renault. This found pottery is stunning and timeless, and invites an air of culture into your home in a subtle way. From pie dishes to pitchers, this latest drop will make you excited for spring baking. 



Two brown handled bowls holding baked nut bread next to a pear on a marble counter.



Poterie Renault Brings French Authenticity Back to the Kitchen with this Traditional Line of Pottery

A beautiful salt or brown glaze finish makes every piece unique. Designed, loved, tried and tested, Renault pottery is a 5th generation French institution specializing in classic French kitchen goods. We uncovered these vintage ceramic gems during a recent trip to France. These specific pieces are no longer in production, so we are excited to share these rare treasures with our community. 


Vintage Oval Baking Dish


Vintage Oval Baking Dish


Perfect for cassoulet, a small loaf, and more, this oval baking dish is the best size for a dish for two. Plus, they'll add a touch of that beloved vintage French kitchen aesthetic.


Pictured: Poterie Renault Vintage Oval Baking Dish


French Vintage Oval Baking Dish


Vintage Round Bowls


Great for crème brûlée, French onion soup, or a pinch pot, these vintage round bowls are great catch-alls for your spring baking endeavors.

Pictured: Set of 4 Vintage French Round Bowls


Poterie Renault Vintage Oval Baking Dish in White


Like what you saw? There’s plenty more vintage pottery on our site, and more dropping all the time. Stay tuned and happy baking!


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