The French are naturally an environmentally conscious people. To start, the slow food movement and sustainable agriculture have always been embedded into French culture, even before it was trendy. Furthermore, people in France (and Europe in general) bike and walk more, and drive much smaller cars than most Americans. The public transportation system in France is fast, clean, reliable, and cheap, so many people commute to work that way.

However, France has still earned itself a spot on the top 20 carbon producing countries in the world, so what new measures are they taking to tackle climate change?

Well, following the Paris climate talks in 2015, France signed on with a new-found vigor. President Macron has signed numerous environmental bills into place and the country has build a 1km road entirely out of recycled materials and one entirely out of solar panels!

Additionally, France has invested millions into environmental start ups, and grocery stores, fashion companies, and retail enterprises are all making an effort to curtail environmental effects.

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