The Value of Rainbows 🌈

June is easily one of the most colorful months of the year, both for the wildflowers that bloom and the significance of the rainbow within some communities 🌈

It is easy to forget that each color in the flag represents a value and regardless of your stance, this month is the perfect opportunity to grow them within yourself!

❤️ Red signifies life, something precious that should be cherished always

🧡 Orange promotes healing, an ongoing process that deserves patience

💛 Yellow is the sun, whose rays are plentiful this time of year

💚 Green is nature, so take some time and go connect with it

💙 Blue stands for serenity, a peaceful state of mind that takes practice finding

💜 Purple represents spirit, your beautifully unique combination of character and emotion

Love is love, whether its for yourself or your community. It wins always 🌈

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