Polo & Pan and French electronica

Polo & Pan, stage names for Paul Armand-Deilille and Alexandre Grynszpan, are two French DJs who met at Le Baron in Paris. For those of you who don't know, Le Baron is THE night club for hip and unpretentious DJs and artists. 

Combining their unique styles of music in the early 2010s led Polo & Pan to fame in France, Europe, and quickly, the US. 

The duo focuses on creating whimsical music that transports you to an isolated beach (or plage isolée, as one of their albums is titled) on the French Riviera. There's also a distinct vintage feel to their songs, pulling you back to the 1970s. Listen to their music here

Musical duo Polo & Pan. Photograph by Barrère & Simon
Image by Polo & Pan

Other French Electronica Artists on the Rise

Since Polo & Pan began popularizing moody French electronica in the US, other artists such as L'Impératrice, Papooz, Flavien Berger, Claire Laffut, and Portico Quartet have gained ground in the US as well. Give them all a listen here

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