The best oysters in California

Oysters in Tomales Bay

The best (farmed) oysters in California, are arguably found in Tomales Bay, about an hour north of San Francisco. The area is an estuary, meaning it has brackish water that flows in and out from the ocean, bringing wonderful nutrients with it. 

Finding the oysters

If you drive north along the coast, passing through Point Reyes Station, eventually you'll hit a straight with a number of oyster bars perched over the ocean. Tomales Bay Oyster Co, Hog Island Oyster Co, and The Marshall Store are all favorites and provide the perfect place for an afternoon picnic and your choice of raw or bbq'd oysters. 

This time we opted for The Marshall Store, which lets you bring your own food and drink as long as you purchase some oysters too. 

Shucking the oysters

Many of the oyster bars in Tomales Bay shuck your oysters for you, but if you buy them to go, you're on your own. Luckily, we brought one of our amazing Thiers-Issard oyster knives with us to get the job done. This company used to make surgical equipment, so their oyster knives are very precise. They also have a vertical handle, instead of a round or horizontal one, for easy shucking. Grab one for yourself here.

Ecailler oyster knife

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