Summer Dining Essentials: Bring France to the Table

Everything you need for a perfectly French summer dinner


Table setting of ramekins, cutlery, bottle of wine, and seagrass wrapped glassware on linen tablecloth.


The evening is warm, your guest list is secured, the food is cooking, now how to set the table?


Summer dining is here, bringing with it the joys of dining al fresco with friends and family, and of course, a few new tabletop favorites from France. Here’s what we’re loving this year:


Outdoor dinner table setting with linen tablecloth, bottles and glasses of wine, bread, fruit, cutlery, napkins and flowers.


Start with a linen tablecloth from Thieffry        

Delicious natural food calls for a natural linen tablecloth from Roubaix, France. Each piece is made in Europe from flax to finish and is show-stoppingly beautiful.




Ramekin, stainless steel Laguiole spoon, fork, knife and coffee spoon on linen tablecloth.


Outdoor dinner table setting with linen tablecloth, bottles and glasses of wine, bread, fruit, cutlery, napkins and flowers.



Add in some Laguiole cutlery


Perfect for any occasion, this famous style of French cutlery goes with any style and is always sure to impress.




Outdoor table setting of seagrass wrapped glassware and pitcher next to bottle of wine and ramekin full of olives.


Rattan wrapped glassware on table under paper lantern.



Now put out your seagrass or rattan glassware

Perfect for casual dining outdoors, our seagrass and rattan glasses are absolutely stunning, and easy to keep clean. The seagrass adds an extra layer of protection, important when dining outside!




Linen napkin with white stripes at hem on a plate next to bread, cutlery, and small bowls.


Don’t forget Thieffry linen napkins!


Go the extra mile, be the person with matching tablecloth and napkins, we won’t judge you! These oversized napkins are as luxurious as their tablecloth counterpart, don’t pass on these.




Olivewood Cheese Utensils on a wedge of cheese next to a plum


Wooden charcuterie board with veggies, cheeses, meat, herbs all on top. Next to bottle and glass of wine, cheese wedge, and a spread.


Ramekin full of olives with small ivory spoon resting on top. Next to seagrass wrapped glass and pitcher.


Invest in good charcuterie accouterments


Hors d'oeuvres are often the first things guests see when they sit down at the table. Make sure your charcuterie accouterments are up to snuff with this amazing Legno Vini walnut wood board, olive wood mini cheese utensils, and vintage olive dishes.





Maison pechavy light blue taper candles standing in gold candle holders next to long matches.


Set the mood with Maison Pechavy candle tapers


These elegant and unique candle tapers create a beautiful and cheery glow, while the light blue color will add a nice touch of freshness to your table.




Looking for more French lifestyle inspiration?

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