Introducing: French Kitchen Essentials

Stack of three white mixing bowls with pour spouts, in small, medium, and large.


Get to know our newest line of ceramics

The best of American, British, and French culinary ceramics meet in this stunning series of kitchen essentials. From garlic pots to mixing bowls, this line is the perfect base around which to build your kitchen or a fabulous addition to an already well-stocked one.


We built up our Kitchen Essentials over many years studying at the hands our our family members and eating at the our favorite restaurants around the world. we realized there was a core set that was relatively universal—A great set of spouted mixing bowls, a garlic pot, and various crocks that held salt and sugar, flour, butter, or utensils.

We set out to create a line of Kitchen Essentials that fit the needs of most cooks with a modern twist on a classic European look. We're so excited for you to get to know our first French Dry Goods line of ceramics, and there's so much more to come.


Garlic pot with lid, handles, and four holes in the front.


Keep garlic fresh with our garlic pot

Don’t let your aromatics sprout! Keep them fresh and cool in this stunning garlic pot with lid.


Pictured: French Kitchen Essentials Garlic Pot


White cutlery crock with two handles holding knives.


Store your cutlery in a delightfully chic crock


Set this crock out on the table for a serve-yourself type of occasion or keep it in a cute little pantry. Either way your cutlery will be well-stored!


Pictured: French Kitchen Essentials Cutlery Crock


 Egg and flour inside mixing bowl with spout next to wooden spoon and lemons.



Make baking a breeze with our set of 3 spouted mixing bowls

Perfect for cakes, breads, or any other confection, this set is cute enough to sit out on your shelf and great for keeping your kitchen clean while you work.


Pictured: French Kitchen Essentials Set of 3 Mixing Bowls with Spouts


Salt cellar with holes for hanging on wall.



Keep your spices accessible with our hanging salt crock


Whether you use it for sugar, salt, herbs or something else, this adorable hanging crock is the perfect addition to any kitchen.


Pictured: French Kitchen Essentials Wall Salt Hanger


Double sided ceramic utensil holder



Elevate your utensil crock with our double hanging holder


Better than a simple countertop crock, our hanging utensil holder is charming and useful all at once.


Pictured: French Kitchen Essentials Double Hanging Holder


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