How to Dress Like a True French Woman

The key to dressing like a real French woman is not wearing Louis Vuitton or donning high fashion and red lipstick everyday. It's about basing your wardrobe on simplicity, efficiency, and grace.

Basics are best

If you aren't sure where to start, begin with the basics. Stick to simple options like boat-neck shirts, quality jeans, and neat, practical shoes.

That isn't to say that you shouldn't invest in a fun pair of stilettos or a bright jacket, but if you start with a great lineup of basics, you'll be able to add in exciting additions without alienating the rest of your closet.


French woman wearing coat

Choose timeless over trendy

Why do you think so many French women wear jeans, t-shirts, and trench coats? It's because pieces like those never go out of style. 

We're all guilty of purchasing inexpensive, à la mode items that we wear once or twice then throw out. Save your wallet and look classy by sticking to timeless pieces with simple silhouettes. 

French woman wearing sunglasses, a beret and dress

Neutrals are nice

Again, don't shy away from color, but when you're building your base wardrobe, stick to neutrals and colors that compliments your skin tone. Black, white, and grey look good on everyone and go with everything.

When you begin to add in patterns, make sure the base color of the pattern in a neutral, that way you can mix it with the rest of your wardrobe, or even other patterns!

Ultimately, French style is about having fun and figuring out what clothing makes you feel most confident. Bonne chance!



Woman wearing black beret

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