Get to Know our Newest Launch: French Dry Goods Hand and Body Soaps

French Dry Goods Laurel Leaf Soap in liquid pump and bar soap on marble counter next to eucalyptus and body scrub brush.

Introducing: French Dry Goods hand and body soaps, direct from Provence


Transport yourself to France with a single whiff of our newest line. Liquid and bar hand and body soap designed to keep you clean and smelling fresh all day long. Made with locally sourced, natural ingredients, these soaps are gentle on even the most sensitive skin.


Citrus Soap French Dry Goods in liquid hand soap pump and bar soap next to eucalyptus and body scrub brush on marble counter.


Refresh with Citrus Hand and Body Soap

Bright citrus notes give a distinctly summer feel to these silky smooth soaps.

Pictured: 300g Solid Soap in Citrus, 500ml Liquid Soap in Citrus


Verbena soap in liquid hand pump and bar form. Both sitting on marble countertop next to hanging body brush.


Go Green with Verbena Hand and Body Soap


There’s nothing like a bright verbena to freshen up your day! We love the verbena scented hand and body soap from French Dry Goods.


Pictured: 300g Solid Soap in Verbena, 500ml Liquid Soap in Verbena


French Dry Goods branded liquid soap and soap bar in rhubarb.


Stand Out with Rhubarb Hand and Body Soap

That’s not a scent you can find everywhere! Stand out from the crowd with a sweet yet refreshing hand and body soap in Rhubarb.


Pictured: 300g Solid Soap in Rhubarb500ml Liquid Soap in Rhubarb


French Dry Goods brand liquid soap and bar soap in orange blossom, sitting atop a marble counter next to a hanging scrub body brush, and orange fruit.

Smell like Summer with Orange Blossom Hand and Body Soap


This neroli scented hand and body soap is the perfect way to transport yourself to France or Morocco. Perfectly androgynous, this hand and body soap is great for men and women.


Pictured: 300g Solid Soap in Orange Blossom500ml Liquid Soap in Orange Blossom


French Dry Goods soap in laurel leaf scent. Bar soap leaning next to liquid pump soap. Both sitting on marble countertop next to hanging scrub body wood brush.


Awake Your Senses with Laurel Leaf Hand and Body Soap


Feeling fatigué? Wake up with our laurel leaf hand and body soap, a completely unique and refreshing scent.


Pictured: 300g Solid Soap in Laurel Leaf500ml Liquid Soap in Laurel Leaf


French Dry Goods Monoi hand and body soap in liquid pump and solid bar. 


Take a Vacation with Monoi Hand and Body Soap


Take a tropical vacation without leaving your home with our monoï scented hand and body soap.


Pictured: 300g Solid Soap in Monoi500ml Liquid Soap in Monoi



We are thrilled to announce this launch of our hand and body soaps, the latest addition to our collection. Available in liquid and bar forms, these soaps are are crafted with natural ingredients that are gentle on sensitive skin. Each of our scents is designed to transport you to France. Whether you're looking for a bright and citrusy feel, a refreshing scent, a sweet fragrance, a unique and awakening aroma, or a tropical escape, there is a scent for every preference. Plus, you can join their newsletter community and receive French lifestyle inspiration along with a 10% discount on your first order.



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