The likes of Chanel, Dior, and other couture perfume brands are often what come to mind when we think about French perfumes. But there are many other, equally fabulous brands to choose from, at all price points.

When we were in Paris a few months ago we picked up some old favorites as well as some new loves, so we wanted to share what we're obsessing over at the moment.

Best Splurge

Le Labo rose to fame a few years ago, and has been a highly-coveted staple scent in every trendy millennial's medicine cabinet since. 

While Santal 33 is the scent that made Le Labo famous, on this trip we discovered the ultra-refined Rose 31, which somehow manages to be warm and cozy while remaining incredibly sophisticated. A little goes a long way, so Rose 31 is definitely worth the splurge.   

Photo by: Le Labo

Best European Scent

We discovered Maison Matine while visiting La Tresorerie. Like most people, we spritzed some on our wrists before leaving the store empty handed. It wasn't until we showered the next morning that we realized the scent from that Maison Matine perfume was still as present as ever.

We headed back the next day to pick up the perfume Lost in TranslationIt smells a bit strong when you first put it on, but within a few hours the scent mellows out, and warm vanilla tones come forth. 

Photo by: Maison Matine

Best Deal

Berdoues is the eau de cologne you can find all over France, in pretty much any Monoprix. People use it as room, body, and linen spray, and it works wonders for freshening up anything that smells a little musty.

Like I said, we were there in March, and orange blossoms were blooming everywhere—the entire country seemed to smell of these sweet little flowers. So it was only natural that Fleur D'Oranger was the scent we picked up before heading on the plane home. At 15 euros or less, it's hard to find something so versatile and timeless. We recommend stocking up next time you're in France.

Photo by: Berdoues

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