French Dry Goods Holiday Gift Guide: Elevate Your Gifting Game This Season

As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be a delightful but challenging task. To make your holiday shopping experience easier and more elegant, we've curated a selection of exquisite gifts inspired by the timeless charm of French craftsmanship and design. From beauty essentials to artisanal home goods, our French Dry Goods Holiday Gift Guide has something for everyone on your list.

Glass bottle with black lid contains pink lip oil 

1. Typology Paris Lip Oil - Chic and Colorful


Add a pop of color to your lips with the Typology Paris Lip Oil. This chic lip product is a great addition to any beauty routine and makes for a delightful gift for makeup enthusiasts.

A pair of sneakers is on a grey background. Surrounding the sneakers are a wooden box, a small brush, two small bottles of shoe cleaner, and an orange sponge.

2. Andrée Jardin Sneaker Kit - Keep it Fresh and Clean


Gift your loved ones the gift of cleanliness and style with the Andrée Jardin Sneaker Kit. This kit ensures that their sneakers will always look their best, making it a practical yet chic gift option.

An olive wood carving set sits on a piece of dried meat, waiting to be cut.

3. Laguiole Olive Wood Carving Set

Enhance holiday feasts with the Laguiole Olive Wood Carving Set. Crafted with precision and elegance, this set ensures that carving the holiday roast is as enjoyable as the meal itself.

A woman all in white on a white background is carrying a grey striped wool tote and looking at the camera

4. Rue De Verneuil Striped Equestrian Tote

Elegance meets functionality with the Rue De Verneuil Striped Equestrian Tote. Ideal for shopping, trips to the market, or carrying daily essentials, this French-designed tote adds a touch of Parisian chic and upscale horse-woman to any outfit. 

 A small teacup ornament with the saying "votes for women" on the front sits on a white background

5. Marin Montague Votes for Women French Ornament

Celebrate history and equality with the Marin Montague Votes for Women French Ornament. This ornament pays tribute to the suffragettes, making it a meaningful and unique gift for anyone who values women's rights. And it's made in Paris by the one-and-only Marin Montague.

A white tube of handcream sits on a white background
6. Officine Universelle Buly Pommade Virginale

For a touch of old-world charm and skincare luxury, consider the Officine Universelle Buly Pommade Virginale. This versatile ointment is perfect for nourishing and protecting the skin during the winter months.

 A grey cup with lace detailing sits on a linen background

7. Valérie Casado Rounded Cup

The Valérie Casado Rounded Cup is a perfect example of French ceramic artistry. Its unique design and quality make it a beautiful addition to the morning coffee or afternoon tea routine.

A brown wooden box containing crab crackers, and oyster shucker, and grab forks sits on a white background
8. French Dry Goods Seafood Set

Elevate seafood dinners with our specially curated Seafood Set. Crafted to perfection, it includes all the tools you need to enjoy and serve seafood dishes with elegance and ease.


Looking for more options? We got you:

We're loving:

1. This Frankie Shop Shirt

2. This Dyptique Holiday Candle

3. This Blue de Travail Chore Jacket by Le Labourer

4. This Staub Dutch Oven in Grenadine

This holiday season, let the spirit of France infuse your gift-giving with style, elegance, and meaning. Our carefully selected items from the French Dry Goods Holiday Gift Guide are designed to make your holiday shopping a delightful experience, ensuring that your loved ones receive gifts that they'll cherish and remember for years to come.

Shop with us this season and make every gift-giving moment a celebration of beauty and craftsmanship, straight from the heart of France. Happy holidays! 

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