Élégant Halloween: Decorating Your Home the French Way

 Halloween is just around the corner and it's the perfect time to infuse your home with a touch of class and sophistication while embracing the spooky spirit. At French Dry Goods, we believe that decorating for Halloween can be both elegant and fun, just like the French. In this blog post, we'll guide you through creating an elegant Halloween ambiance with the finest French products. From our black Laguiole carving set to our orange Filt France net market bag, our selection is carefully curated to add a touch of French charm to your Halloween decor.

Black French carving set sits on a piece of meat on a marble background

1. The Elegance of Laguiole:

Start your Halloween decor journey with a touch of sophistication by using our Black Laguiole Carving Set. Made in France, Laguiole knives are synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. These exquisite carving tools not only serve as practical kitchen essentials but also make a striking addition to your Halloween table setting. Use them to carve your pumpkins, prepare a roasted feast, and elevate your Halloween dining experience.

Orange net market bag sits on a white background

2. Orange Filt France Net Market Bag:

Incorporate the vibrant spirit of Halloween with the Orange Filt France Net Market Bag. This bag is not only a stylish accessory for your shopping trips but can also be transformed into a charming decorative piece. Fill it with faux pumpkins, gourds, or colorful leaves to create an eye-catching centerpiece or hang it on your door as a welcoming Halloween decoration.

Black and natural striped linen tablecloth sits on a table outside. The table is set with white plates, black cutlery, black candles, and seagrass glasses.

3. Black Striped Thieffry Linen Tablecloth:

Set the stage for an elegant Halloween soirée with our Black Striped Thieffry Linen Tablecloth. Crafted with precision in France, this tablecloth exudes timeless elegance. Its black stripes on a natural linen background create a sophisticated backdrop for your Halloween tablescape. Pair it with classic white or black dinnerware, and accent it with touches of orange and purple for a tasteful yet spooky ambiance.

Black candles and box of long matches sit on a table. There is a piece of brie cheese and purple radishes in the frame.
4. Maison Pechavy Carbon Candle Tapers:

Halloween wouldn't be complete without the enchanting glow of candles. Our Maison Pechavy Carbon Candle Tapers are the epitome of French craftsmanship. Their deep purple-black color adds an element of mystery to your decor, and their elegant design elevates the ambiance. Pair them with our gold candle adaptors to create a bewitching yet elevated atmosphere that's sure to impress your guests.

Orange blossom bar soap sits on a sink.
5. Orange Blossom Solid Hand and Body Soap from Provence:

Pamper your guests with the luxurious scent of our Orange Blossom Solid Hand and Body Soap from Provence. This beautifully crafted soap not only indulges the senses but also serves as an exquisite Halloween decor item. Place it in a decorative dish as a fragrant and aesthetic addition to your bathroom or kitchen. The charming orange hue complements your Halloween theme while adding a touch of French elegance.


Halloween doesn't have to be all about the ghoulish and the garish. At French Dry Goods, we've demonstrated that with the right selection of French products, you can decorate your home for Halloween in an elegant and sophisticated manner. From the precision of the Laguiole carving set to the fragrant luxury of the Provence soap, our collection offers a unique fusion of style, class, and the spirit of Halloween. Embrace the elegance of a French-inspired Halloween and make your celebration truly enchanting. Happy Halloween!

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