Bastille Day, celebrated on the 14th of July, commemorates the storming of Bastille Prison in 1789, where Louis XVI was holding many prisoners. This day signifies an important shift in the French Revolution, which is why many people call it French Independence Day. 

While Bastille Day and the 4th of July are very different celebrations, they share many of the same traditions, like fireworks, parades, and spending time with family. 

Each year, the Champs-Élysées in Paris is shut down for a huge military parade, to commemorate the lives lost and the brave soldiers who fought during the French Revolution. Later in the day, fire stations throughout the town open the doors for dance competitions, where people can come to drink and celebrate with the fire men. All proceeds are donated to the local fire stations.

Of course, there is a large fire works show under the Eiffel Tower, and families around the country gather to eat blue, white, and red pastries, swim in the pool, and spend time together. 

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