How to spend a day in Marseille, written by a local

Martin Guez-Empereur is a Marseille native and has recently joined us in California as our newest intern. He shares his perspective on the best way to spend a weekend day in this gorgeous sea-side city.

Marseille boats
Marseille, France

Marseille, for those who don't know, is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It is also the biggest city in France, the second most populated, the most cosmopolitan, the sunniest, and the birthplace of rosé. In brief, this crazy city has a lot to offer. 

The typical day of a Marseillais starts slowly, smoothly, and definitely not too fast!

We join our friends to grab a coffee on a beautiful sunny terrace. A favorite is “Bar des 13 Coins” in “Le Panier” district. On the way we take our car, we honk, we shout, we insult... but all with a smile! We feel alive! 

We play cards, we drink pastis, we tell gossip... By now it's midday, and time for lunch!

We get back in the car, we honk again and we go right on "La Corniche," a magnificent road bordering the sea. Nestled in the middle hides a very small Italian grocery store "Zia Conceta". There we indulge in Italian specialities in full sun. 


It is 2.30pm it is time to take a bath...a Marseille bath, that is. We walk a hundred of meters on La Corniche to a small staircase hidden on the promenade, which leads us to an extraordinary calanque that nobody knows except some regulars... 

It is now 4pm, and time for an aperitif. Your friend calls you and gives you an appointment at the famous "Vallon des Auffes" for an immediate boarding on the famous and typical Marseillais boat "Le Pointu" or "La Barquette" (old Marseillais fishing boat). This is the best place to watch the sunset: with friends, a good bottle of rosé wine, and a nice pizza from "L'eau à la Bouche" (the best in Marseille...). 

If you don't know someone in Marseille with a private boat, the "Borderline" parties are there to take care of you. Boat party, rooftop, party on an island and many others... In short, there is something for everyone... Welcome to Marseille!

Where to go and what to eat in Marseille


  • Notre Dame de la Garde
  • Les goudes
  • Le vallon des Auffes
  • Les calanques 
  • La corniche


Places to eat:



  • Collectif Borderline
  • Le Rowing club
  • Le rooftop 
  • Le comptoir d’Endoume
  • La ruche
  • Le baletti
  • R2 le rooftop
  • Le trolleybus
  • La Bombone

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