• Tampico Bags—Lunch Box
  • Tampico Bags—Lunch Box
  • Tampico Bags—Lunch Box
  • Tampico Bags—Lunch Box

Tampico Bags

Tampico Bags—Lunch Box

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100% Made in France bags. 

This adorable snap pouch can be used for anything from lunch to toiletries! Versatile, lightweight and washable. 


Material: 100% cotton



Tampico manufactures the bags in their workshop with the greatest care.

To ensure their longevity, we advise you to follow a few simple rules, such as: avoid all contact with greasy products and products made of solvents or alcohol.


Fully soak your product inside and out with lukewarm water (do not put water on the leather parts).

Clean your bag with soap. Do not use any harsh color products.

Rinse it well.

When drying, be sure to protect the fabric of the leather parts with absorbent paper.

Avoid prolonged contact with materials likely to transfer their color pigments.

Be careful not to scratch or rub your item against abrasive surfaces.

Do not put the bag in the washing machine.

Do not use solvents.

Avoid contact with the following products: greasy substances, cosmetics, perfume.