• A set of elegant French Laguiole cutlery, including a spoon, fork, and two knives with black handles, is neatly placed on a natural linen napkin. To the right, there's a clear glass filled with red wine, and in the background, a candle with a black ribbon around its brass holder adds a touch of sophistication to the simple yet refined table setting.
  • An elegant table setting featuring a selection of French Laguiole cutlery with black handles, including two knives, a fork, and a spoon, arranged to the left of a gray ceramic plate with ribbed edges. A slice of multi-seed bread, a glass of red wine, and a candle with a black bow tied around its holder complete the sophisticated dining atmosphere, all resting on a marble surface."
  • Laguiole 24 Piece Flatware in Black with Wooden Box - French Dry Goods
  • Laguiole 24 Piece Flatware in Black with Wooden Box - French Dry Goods
  • A stylish table setup with French charm, showcasing a gray ribbed dinner plate topped with a matching bowl. Beside the plate lies a set of French Laguiole cutlery with black handles, including a spoon and fork. In the background, two black candles with ribbon-tied brass holders, a half-eaten loaf of seed-encrusted bread, a bottle of red wine, and a filled wine glass add to the ambiance, all set on a marble countertop.

Coutellerie Jean Néron

Laguiole 24 Piece Flatware in Black with Wooden Box

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Set your table with a French flair

The Laguiole French 24 piece flatware set includes:

  • 6 Tablespoons
  • 6 Teaspoons
  • 6 Table Knives
  • 6 Forks.

Features durable and stylish man-made handles. Presented in a beautiful wood box display featuring the Napoleonic bee detail that delineates the high-quality of Laguiole France. 

These stainless steel knives feature the iconic bee with natural wood, stainless steel or festively colored handles. This line of Laguiole cutlery is a lively addition to any dining experience.


The Laguiole style is world renowned for a legacy of craftsmanship and quality and originates from the Midi-Pyrenees region of France. Our Laguiole pieces come from Coutellerie Jean Néron, a third generation family run company specializing in Laguiole style coutellerie or cutlery. These pieces make the perfect addition to everyday and special occasions alike.




Height - 1.875"

Width - 10"

Length - 18.125"

Weight - 4.08lb


6 Tablespoons

6 Teaspoons

6 Table Knives

6 Forks

Weight 2oz ea. piece
Height 8.25" ea. piece
Width 1.5" ea. piece
Depth 0.25" ea. piece
Care Dishwasher Safe


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