• Chic French Gift Set with Market Tote, Candle, and Soap (Made in France)
  • Chic French Gift Set with Market Tote, Candle, and Soap (Made in France)

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Chic French Gift Set with Market Tote, Candle, and Soap (Made in France)

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The French Market Chic Bundle marries the elegance of French design with the principles of sustainable living. It features a the eco-friendly Filt French Market Shopping Tote Bag in red white and blue. Paired with the delicately scented French Dry Goods 130g Bar Soap—Fig Leaf and the Maison Pechavy Laüsa Scented Candle, this bundle creates a beautiful gift set.

Perfect for daily use or as a thoughtful gift, it encapsulates the charm of French markets and the luxury of self-care, all while promoting a lifestyle of environmental consciousness. All made in France! 🇫🇷 


Scented candle with aromas of Wood Fire - Lavender - Patchouli and seated in a glass cup.

100% vegetable wax -180gr

The Laüsa scented candle was made in the city of Grasse, the epicentre of fragrance creation. The name comes from the Gascon dialect in Southwest France, the homeland of Maison Pechavy. “Laüsa” means “sparkling” like the glow of this natural wax candle.

The fragrance is reminiscent of the reassuring, enticing warmth of a wood fire. Soothing notes of lavender blend with the heady aromas of patchouli. These scents are favourites of Carine, the founder of the brand, who created this fragrance as the olfactory signature of Maison Pechavy. The fragrance was developed by a perfumer in Provence based on the popular notes of lavender and patchouli.

The 100% vegetable wax in this scented candle and 100% cotton wick create a slow, subtle diffusion of the scent. Combine with Original long matches to create a harmonious set and light the 3 wicks of this scented candle in complete safety.


  • - 100% vegetable wax. no mineral wax, paraffin wax or palm oil.
  • - 100% cotton wick for optimum olfactory diffusion
  • - Burning time: 40-45 hours. Weight: 180 g. Height: 9 cm
  • - Made in France - Perfumer-Chandler in Grasse 


The first time you use it, leave the candle lit for 1 hour maximum, then trim the wick to 0.5 cm from the base.  After every use (4 hours burn time maximum), be sure to trim the wick to 0.5 cm (or before every use) to prevent the emission of soot (watch out for a blackened, ashy or crackling wick). 




Transport yourself to France with a single whiff of our soaps. 

 *All soaps are final sale

This soap is made in Provence with love. Crafted with locally-sourced, natural ingredients and essential oils, these hypoallergenic hand and body soaps are gentle on even the most sensitive skin. 

Our liquid soaps are in bottles made from recycled plastic and our hard soaps are in recyclable paper wrappers. Please dispose of this packaging accordingly. 


Use like a regular soap. Avoid contact with eyes.




French mini cotton net reusable shopping bag. Made in France.

Dimensions: 9.84" x 9.84" (Bag) 3.75" (Handles)
Care: Hang to dry

Normandy, France based Filt has been making woven cotton bags, fishing nets, ropes, candle wicks and other woven cotton goods since 1860. Their bags, also called filets, are lightweight, durable, expandable and stylish. Often imitated but never duplicated, Filt bags are perfect for everyday errands and adventures alike.   Exigez l'authentique filet Filt! Demand the authentic net bag!


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