• Maison Pechavy 100% Mohair Throw—Carbone
  • Maison Pechavy 100% Mohair Throw—Carbone
  • Maison Pechavy 100% Mohair Throw—Carbone
  • Maison Pechavy 100% Mohair Throw—Carbone

Maison Pechavy

Maison Pechavy 100% Mohair Throw—Carbone

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Discover MAISON PECHAVY mohair throw created in collaboration with BRUN DE VIAN-TIRAN, a French manufacturer with the EPV label. 

Lovers of colourful, chic & cozy atmospheres by the fire, this excellent mohair throw is made for you. 


PLAID Collection CARBONE made in collaboration with the BRUN DE VIAN-TIRAN factory, certified "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" and located in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgues in Provence. 

Since 1808, 8 generations have succeeded each other in weaving the most beautiful wools sourced from all over the world. 

For our first collection of MAISON PECHAVY plaids, it was obvious to work with the BRUN family, with their outstanding traditional know-how, their attachment to noble fibers and their values. 

Plaid 100% mohair, a natural fiber of excellence prized for its shine, lightness and softness. 

Its shiny and undulating aspect sublimates the colors of our CARBONE collection (weaving of unbleached and carbon threads). 


100% MOHAIR (Natural fiber of the ANGORA goat)


Under normal use, one dry cleaning per year is sufficient. 

Shake it regularly or brush it gently with a soft brush. 

Natural fibers do not attract dust, do not retain it and do not absorb fat.


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