• A lightweight, striped blue and white scarf with frayed edges is draped over a dark bush against a soft-focus background of a misty seascape.
  • A woman with her back turned to the camera, wearing a white blouse and blue jeans, has a blue and white striped scarf over her shoulder. Her hand is touching her hair, and she's overlooking a foggy coastal landscape.
  • A black and white image of a seated woman in a white blouse and jeans, holding a clear glass in her hand. She is wearing a striped scarf with a visible label and tassel edges, looking downwards.
  • Limited Edition White and Blue Striped Handwoven Scarf
  • Limited Edition White and Blue Striped Handwoven Scarf
  • A beige wide-brimmed hat and a bottle of rosé wine lie on top of a striped blue and white scarf, which is spread out over a textured blue blanket amidst a natural, grassy background.
  • A light blue and white striped scarf with frayed tassels on the ends, showcasing a label that reads 'FRENCH DRY GOODS 2310 INSPIRED LIFE,' is neatly laid out on a white background.
  • French Dry Goods Limited Edition

French Dry Goods

Limited Edition White and Blue Striped Handwoven Scarf

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Our limited edition handwoven linen scarves from French Dry Goods are inspired by beautiful France. Airy and light these linen scarves are the perfect addition to an outfit any time of year. 

This gorgeous piece is versatile and can be worn as scarf or shawl.

Light blue and white.


Discover the perfect gift with our White and Blue Striped Handwoven Scarf, a must-have accessory for any season. This artisanal linen scarf, handcrafted with care, offers both warmth and style. Its lightweight design makes it an ideal choice for layering. A versatile piece that transitions effortlessly from casual daywear to elegant evening attire, making it an excellent gift for those who appreciate unique, handwoven craftsmanship. Elevate your wardrobe or find the ideal present for someone special with this beautifully designed scarf.




Approx. 40x70 inches


Hand wash cold, line dry.

Iron on medium heat or steam.

Inspired by France, crafted in India


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